The Nature Research Society (NRS) is committed to advancing nature research for the benefit of humanity. NRS provides a scientific community where members may exchange ideas, information, techniques and methodologies. NRS includes NRS Publications, NRS Meetings, NRS Membership and NRS Community.

NRS Publications aims to enhance the reproducibility of scientific articles. Currently, only 10-30% published articles can be well reproduced. Many scientists and researchers are confused when experiments reported in literatures can not be reproduced. It is difficult to know why it can not be reproduced in their labs. Especially, when an experiment reported can not be reproduced, it will waste lots of effort, time and funding of researchers around the world. Therefore, NRS is founded to promote the advancement of science by publishing open peer review, open access, open comment and open discussion research papers across all scientific fields.

The key feature of journals published by NRS is that at least one video is required to be uploaded and showed to public as a solid proof when publishing an experimental research articles. The uploaded video clips will save time and efforts of scientists who try to reproduce reported results.

Writing and reviewing journal articles is part of the core business of a scientist. But it’s not an efficient way to communicate research results. Therefore, NRS tries to provide an efficient platform. Another feature of articles published by NRS is open comment and discussion, which unite scientists together to a specific topic, make science issues be solved easier.

The third feature is that the peer review process is full open to public. On one hand it ensures the impartiality of reviewers and eidtors, on the other hand, making the peer-review process more transparent improves the recognition reviewers receive for their work.


  • Reducing the barrier to collaborative research through full open publishing; 
  • Promoting the advancement of science;
  • Uniting Scientists all around the world to create innovation faster;
  • Benefiting scientists, thus human beings all around the world.


    NRS will build a dynamic, interactive, global community for open science to make innovation being created faster.


  • Building a culture of Open Sharing and Innovation;
  • Promote and uphold high standards in the conduct and communication of academic research.