award nrsTo encourage publishing research papers with video results for promoting the advancement of science.


The award consists of a certificate and $5,000 US dollars


Every year the award will be granted to first authors who have published their innovative works in Open Science with Videos.

The Advisory Committee of NRS and the Editorial Board of Open Science with Videos (OSV) will vote for the winners during the first week of June. Two Award Winners and Voting Results will be announced on NRS official website on the Monday of the next week of June.

Open Science with Videos (OSV) publishes significant, innovative original research with videos that advances the frontiers of science and cutting edge technologies. 
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Publishing fields of OSV includes but not limited to:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Life
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Social sciences

Benefits of publishing in Open Science with Videos

  • Rapid publication (Normally Less than three weeks)
  • Open Access
  • Open Peer Review Process
  • Research articles published with at least one video clip
  • Open Comment and Discussion after Publishing
  • Quality production
  • Worldwide visibility forever with unique crossref DOI numbers 

Three key features of Open Science with Videos

  • At least one video clip is required to be uploaded and showed to public as a solid proof when publishing experimental research articles on Open Science with Videos. The uploaded videos will save time and efforts of scientists who try to reproduce reported articles result.
  • Articles published on Open Science with Videos are open comment and discussion, which unite scientists together to a specific topic, make science issues be solved easier.
  • Peer review process record is open to public, which ensure the impartiality of reviewers and editors. Furthermore, making the peer-review process more transparent improves the recognition reviewers receive for their work. Reviews will be published online together with the accepted manuscripts. In addition, in PDF version of the publications, reviews will be published at the last page separately with a title of "Thanks for the contribution of valuable reviews listed below:"

No Publication Fee and Worldwide visibility

Note: No open access publication charges are applicable for all the manuscripts received before June 30 2019.
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