NRS Awards

NRS Young Researcher Award

The NRS Young Researcher Award is established to support and encourage young researchers and stimulate their research work. 

Required documents:

  • A brief CV including previous published scientific works
  • A research plan (less than 1000 words)
  • A scientific literature review (or mini review). The review must have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. It should be a critical, constructive analysis of the literature and its scope should be relative to your research plan.

Award Information:

  • The winners will be selected by the NRS Award Selection Committee.
  • The award committee evaluate all the applicants base on their submitted research plans and literature reviews.
  • Every year the NRS Award Selection Committee will select 2 Gold Award Winners and 20 Silver Award Winners based on the evaluation scores.
  • Each Gold Award Winner will receive a prize of $3000 US dollars via international wire transfer and a certificate.
  • Each Silver Award Winner will receive a prize of $300 US dollars via international wire transfer and a certificate.
  • The names of all the award winners will be announced and updated on the NRS official website timely.
  • All literature reviews submitted by the award winners will be published on the official journal of NRS, Proceedings of the Nature Research Society (An open access multidisciplinary journal, no publication fee).
  • Every Applicant will be notified in 3-4 weeks via Email whether or not he is selected as the award winner after his application is submitted online.
  • Every year the application deadline is November 30. 
  • All applications must be submitted online via the online application form.
NRS Young Researcher Award Overview  
Number of Awardees       Gold Award: 2 Silver Award: 20
Gold Award       $3000 and a certificate
Silver Award       $300 and a certificate
Application Deadline       November 30
How to Apply       Online Application Form

NRS Excellence in Science Award

The NRS Excellence in Science Award honors researchers who have made great contribution to the development of natural science. It consists of a $1000 US dollars cash prize and a certificate. Every year 1~3 recipients, determined by majority vote of the selection committee, will be selected from all eligible applications and nominations. 

2017 NRS Excellence in Science Award Recipient:

Dr. Jeffrey J. Urban from The Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA 94720, USA

NML Researcher Award

NML Researcher Award is sponsored by the journal of Nano-Micro Letters (Open Access, No publication Fee). The editorial board of Nano-micro Letters helps NRS serve as the award committee. The award aims to encourage researchers to create more innovation in Nano and Micro science.

NML cover Nature Research society

Past Award Recipients

NML Researcher Award 2016 Recipients