The Nature Research Society (NRS) publishes full Open Access, Open Peer Review, more importantly, Open Reproducible research articles across all natural science and social science fields. All experimental research articles published in NRS are required uploading at least one video clip (Experimental method video, result video clips, etc.) as proof. The video clips will greatly benefit researchers replicate the findings reported in the articles, avoiding the waste of time and public science funding on replication. We, all NRS members, work together to make a difference in scholarly publishing for the benefit of researchers and public.

How NRS journals are different?

  • The peer review process on NRS journals is transparent and open to public.
  • For experimental research articles, at least one video clip is required to be uploaded and will be demonstrated online.
  • Although NRS journals are fully open access, there is not Article process charge (APC). No publication fee is required to publish in NRS journals.
  • Reviewers' Name will be published at the last page of published articles, showing thanks to the contribution of reviewers with a title of "Thanks for the contribution of valuable reviewers listed below:". (Both in PDF version and Online html Version)
  • Articles published in NRS journals are open for comment and discussion.
  • It's fast. Generally articles submitted to NRS journals are published in three weeks.

Three key features of NRS journals

  • Video clips are welcomed to be uploaded and showed to public as a solid proof when publishing experimental research articles on NRS. The uploaded videos will save time and efforts of scientists who try to reproduce reported articles result.
  • Articles published on NRS are open comment and discussion, which unite scientists together to a specific topic, make science issues be solved easier.
  • Peer review process record is open to public, which ensure the impartiality of reviewers and editors. Furthermore, making the peer-review process more transparent improves the recognition reviewers receive for their work. Reviews will be published online together with the accepted manuscripts. In addition, in PDF version of the publications, reviews will be published at the last page separately with a title of "Thanks for the contribution of valuable reviews listed below:"

NRS Journals

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NRS journals are members of and subscribe to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics.

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Why publish with us

1 Rapid publication (Normally Less than three weeks)

2 Open Access

3 Open Peer Review Process

4 Research articles published with at least one video clip

5 Open Comment and Discussion after Publishing

6 Quality production