1. Publications Ethics
  2. How to Submit a manuscript
  3. What kind of video clips should I upload
  4. Can I use my mobilephone to record video clips

Manuscripts submitted to NRS journals should meet the highest standards of publication ethics:

    • Manuscripts should only report results that have not been submitted or published before, even in part.
    • Manuscripts must be original and should not reuse text from another source without appropriate citation.
    • For biological studies, the studies reported should have been carried out in accordance with generally accepted ethical research standards.

How to submit a manuscript

    All NRS journals only accept online submission. To submit a manuscript, you must register an account on the NRS manuscript center. During the submission, manuscript title, Article type (Letter, Regular Article, Review), Authors information, Abstract, Keywords and at least three suggested reviews must be provided. For experimental research articles (Not include Reviews and Theory research articles), at least one video clip related to the manuscript must be uploaded.

What kind of video clips should I upload?

You can upload all kinds of video clips ralated to your experimental research manuscripts, such as the experiment process, important experiment observations.

Can I use my mobilephone to record video clips?

Yes, currently, most mobilephone recorded video clips have an enough high resolution which can be display clearly on various mediums including Desktop computer, laptop and pad.